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What's your more?

You want more, don’t you? Perhaps it’s time to set up your own business…

clarity marketing Jun 03, 2024

You’re out there every day, kicking goals and taking names. You’re great at what you do, but something isn’t quite right. You want more. Or less. Or different.

Perhaps you’re tired. Getting out of bed each morning may be an effort for you right now. You hit the snooze button. You hit it again. Then you drag yourself out of bed and start your day. After coffee. And a bit resentfully.

Perhaps you can feel your frustration rising in pointless meetings. It could have been an email, people!

Perhaps you want to scream at the next person who tells you the team is going to “crush it” this week, but you can’t because it’s your boss.

Maybe you’re just sick of entitled middle-aged white guys (the pale, male and stale of the world) telling you what success looks like for you. Okay, that may be my issue, not yours!

Or do you want to be a role model for your daughter, or everyone’s daughters, so that they grow up believing that women ruling their world their way is just the way it is?

Do you want more flexibility or freedom? Or maybe you want more time to travel, for family, for you, for everything that’s really important to you?

It may be time to start your own business so you can get your more.

What that “more” is, is different for everyone:

  • More time for other things that matter.
  • More control over your destiny.
  • More say in what you do day to day.
  • More meaning in what you deliver.
  • More money than you can get trading hours for dollars. Just more.

You can set up your own business to get exactly what you need out of life.

And you’re not alone!

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting requirements for many of us to work at home have led to a drastic change in thinking, and many women are taking the time to evaluate what’s important to them. Then they’re actively going out there and looking for it.

Research conducted in 2019—pre-COVID—by Marie Claire and Salesforce revealed that the main reasons women started small businesses in Australia were as follows:

  • 56% wanted more flexibility
  • 49% wanted a better work-life balance
  • 46% wanted to be their own boss
  • 34% sought greater financial independence
  • 31% wanted more money
  • 30% had an opportunity presented to them
  • 29% wanted more meaningful work

Of these women, 52% were solopreneurs and 44% had businesses of 2-15 employees.

14% of these small businesses were in the retail sector and professional services came in third with 8% behind hospitality, travel and transport at 9%. And 83% of these women personally funded their business with 60% of them starting out with less than $20k to get going.

But it isn’t easy to run your own small business. You have to want it. 

“Across the world, entrepreneurial-minded women are determined to break into, and become a success in, the competitive business landscape. However, the still dominant gender gap means these women continue to face challenges of disproportionate number and scale when compared to their male counterparts.”

~ the 2020 MasterCard Index of Women Entrepreneurs

But, if you’re one of these determined women who wants to bridge that gender pay gap, and build a kick-ass business, go for it!


If you’re interested in starting your own business, or even redesigning your existing business to give you more of you “more”, then we can help! Simply book a call and let's talk!


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